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Perfect Day

Sound Short - Released 10 August 1929

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy have a Sunday picnic planned with their wives (Isabelle Keith and Kay Deslys) and Uncle Ed (Edgar Kennedy). But in the world of Laurel and Hardy, an easy, pleasant outing such as this is not without its pitfalls. Everyone piles into the car and after bidding goodbye to the neighbors, the boys discover they have a flat tire. After much effort, it's still flat and Hardy angrily throws the jack at Laurel. It misses, of course...and breaks a neighbor's window. This leads to a melee which halts suddenly when a minister comes down the street. Laurel and Hardy try to get going once again, but the car's engine won't turn over. Laurel does, however, get it to explode. An exasperated Hardy instructs Laurel to "throw out the clutch" -- and he does. Finally the car starts, after a fashion, and the boys and their families once again bid the neighborhood adieu. Then they drive around the corner, right into a very deep puddle.

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