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Any Old Port

Sound Short - Released 05 March 1932

Sailors Laurel and Hardy disembark and book in a sleazy hotel. The owner Mugsie Long intends to marry a young girl against her wishes, but Stan and Ollie come to her rescue. After fleeing the hotel, the boys find out they've left their money in their room, but an old pal of Ollie's offers $50 if Ollie will fight in a boxing ring that night. Ollie agrees but predictably makes Stan the fighter and himself the manager. The catch is Stan's opponent is Mugsie himself. Knowing how tough Mugsie is, Ollie makes a seemingly wise bet with a drunk on Mugsie to win. The drunk accepts the bet, making himself seem to Ollie a sucker. But when the fight concludes, thanks to a Laurel-and-Hardy-esque turn of events, guess who the real sucker turns out to be?

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