Information for Any Old Port

Laurel and Hardy Series / Two reels / Sound / Released March 5,1932, by M-G-M / Produced by Hal Roach / Directed by James W. Horne / Photographed by Art Lloyd / Edited by Richard Currier / Dialogue by H.M. Walker / Sound by Elmer R. Raguse / Compositions used in incidental music scoring by Le Roy Shield and Marvin Hatley.

Stan Laurel: Himself / Oliver Hardy: Himself / Mugsie Long, proprietor of Ye Mariner's Rest: Walter Long / Fleeing bride-to be: Diane Duval/ Jacqueline Wells/Julie Bishop / Boxing promoter: Harry Bernard / Stan's second: Charlie Hall / The diffident justice of the peace: Robert (Bobby) Burns/ Referee: Sam Lufkin / Long's second: Dick Gilbert / Police chief: Eddie Baker / Drunken wagerer at ringside: Will Stanton / Spectators at match: Jack Hill, Baldwin Cooke, Ed Brandenberg

"In port-Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy were just home from a whaling voyage-Mr. Hardy shipped as head harpooner; Mr. Laurel went along as bait."

Parts cut from final release print: Shipmates - Stanley (Tiny) Sandford, James Finlayson.