Information for Berth Marks

Laurel and Hardy Series / Two reels / AlI-talking / Released June 1, 1929, by M-G-M / Produced by Hal Roach / Directed by Lewis R. Foster / Photographed by Len Powers / Edited by Richard Currier / Story by Leo McCarey / Story edited by H. M. Walker / Introductory musical compositions by William Axt and Yellen and Ager.

Stan Laurel Himself / Oliver Hardy Himself I Passengers Harry Bernard, Baldwin Cooke, Charlie Hall/Stationmaster Pat Harmon / Conductor Silas D. Wilcox. (Working title: In Vaudeville.)

"Mr. Hardy told Mr. Laurel to meet him at the Santa Fe Station at a quarter of ten -but Mr. Laurel became confused and thought he meant 9:45."