iPad & iPhone App

For the first time on the iPad and iPhone, comes the Laurel and Hardy Films App coming soon to the Apple App Store on iTunes, with three distinctive Apps, covering their Silent, Sound and Feature Films.

The images used in the App are taken direct from the original stills which were held at the Hal Roach Studios. These gorgeous high resolution images are shown alongside the contextual film detail for each film, the text written by Prof. John McCabe official biographer of Laurel and Hardy (Author of Mr Laurel and Mr Hardy - 1961)

Other features also available are the location button, which allows the option to view in maps, the area where a still was filmed when the ‘Boys’ were out filming, in either Culver City, or local to the Hal Roach Studios. Each film has a full list of data, for both Cast and Crew, and a option to view info on each film from the laurelandhardyfilms.com website directly inside the App itself.