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Jacquie Lyn

03 September 1928 - 21 March 2002

She was born in London, England. After making her debut appearance in the 1931 Fox Film Corporation film Wicked, Lyn was cast by producer Hal Roach into his Our Gang comedies. Lyn was featured prominently in two 1932 Our Gang shorts, Free Wheeling ("Spanky, don't you think we are riding rather fast?") and Birthday Blues. She also appeared in a significant supporting role in Laurel and Hardy's 1932 feature film Pack Up Your Troubles, the role for which she is best remembered. Lyn's short career at Hal Roach Studios ended when her stepfather demanded more money for her services. She grew up, married, changed her name to Jacquelyn Woll, and was not heard from until the early 1990s. Woll's son had purchased a Laurel & Hardy videotape for her; the tape was introduced by Stan Laurel's daughter Lois, who related that Laurel & Hardy fans worldwide were searching for the whereabouts of Jacquie Lyn. Woll contacted The Sons of the Desert, the official Laurel & Hardy fanclub, and was reintroduced into the public, becoming an honorary member of the organization. She died of natural causes on March 21, 2002 in Granada Hills, California, USA.

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