Why should I sign up?

Firstly those who sign up and want to duplicate 1000’s images into there photo libraries, this site is probably not for you, each image has a light watermark to protect all the images from being distributed around the internet.

This site has been designed and produced as a serious visual archival window on the films of Laurel & Hardy, and includes many files associated with the making and filming of their wonderful films.

The founder of the site, a life-long fan of ‘The Boys’ had the privilege of digitally retaining all the stills and files left at the Hal Roach Studios after its closure in 1963. He had a choice to either keep these files for his own personal use, or share them with the world; he chose the latter.

Under strict agreement from the copyright holders, the images must be protected, and that this site would bring in a revenue, therefore it is planned that a small yearly subscription be made to help keep the site running.

It is hoped that this site will be a serious resource to all film buffs and fans of the boys everywhere.